Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP) in Atlanta, GA is a nonprofit corporation(IRS 501C4), which hires off-duty City of Atlanta police officers to patrol the streets of our neighborhood, to supplement the regular patrols of APD. Although "off-duty," these police officers still retain full policing powers, allowing them to stop and question suspicious persons, ask for IDs, and check for prior arrests and outstanding warrants.  Patrol schedules are constantly updated to address the crime patterns the neighborhood experiences.

Questions? See our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) for lots of information on GPSP.

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Membership Benefits

  • More members = more patrol hours - the more neighbors that join, the more hours we are able to have off-duty APD officers patrolling the streets of our neighborhood
  • Officers drive by your house - your home will be driven by on a regular basis as part of officers' patrol routes
  • Vacation Requests - have your home checked on by officers while you're away, just tell us via the Contact Us page
  • False Alarm Cancellations - GPSP officers can cancel false alarms, saving you on costly fees by the city
  • Crimebuster Newsletter - receive the quarterly newsletter on crime updates, crime patterns, and neighborhood safety news
  • Timely incident email alerts - receive timely alerts via email on significant crime events in the neighborhood, including Be On the Look Outs (BOLOs)
  • Victim Assistance & Court Watch - if you're the victim of a crime and would like to talk to us or an officer let us know.  We also have volunteers who can attend court hearings with you to be the voice of the neighborhood

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Benefits of the New Site

We now offer recurring payments via credit card. No more renewing your membership every period if you don't want to (we still offer multiple payment options, including non-auto renewing payments by credit card. Please see our FAQ page for details).

Plus a direct path to GPSP officers via the Contact Us page, gift memberships, and more...

GPSP Stats

Current membership count: 300
Current Patrol hours/week: 20

About Our Officers
  • Lt Iosty has retired from APD
  • Sgt Bailey is also in SOS and is on call as a bomb technician. He will patrol here at night on the weekends
  • Officer Terrence Whitten works for the Belt Line bicycle patrol.
  • Officer Chad Botte works Zone 6 morning watch and patrols for GPSP in the mornings.

Officers patrol at various times of day and night. We adjust hours depending on the recent crime reports we get from zone 6 crime reports and from our officers.

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GPSP is a nonprofit operated independently of, but hand-in-hand with, the Grant Park Neighborhood Association.

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