Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to GPSP?  Why should I join?
  • More members = more patrol hours - the more neighbors that join, the more hours we are able to have off-duty APD officers patrolling the streets of our neighborhood
  • Officers drive by your house - your home will be driven by on a regular basis as part of officers' patrol routes
  • Vacation Requests - have your home checked on by officers while you're away, just tell us via the Contact Us page
  • False Alarm Cancellations - GPSP officers can cancel false alarms, saving you on costly fees by the city
  • Crimebuster Newsletter - receive the quarterly newsletter on crime updates, crime patterns, and neighborhood safety news
  • Timely incident email alerts - receive timely alerts via email on significant crime events in the neighborhood, including Be On the Look Outs (BOLOs)
  • Victim Assistance & Court Watch - if you're the victim of a crime and would like to talk to us or an officer let us know.  We also have volunteers who can attend court hearings with you to be the voice of the neighborhood

How do the false alarm cancellations work?  What do I have to do?

You don't have to do anything.  GPSP officers monitor the police radio and respond to all alarm calls they are able to.  They almost always arrive before the beat officer because they are closer, and they will check your home just as the beat officer would do.  If everything looks okay the GPSP officer will call off the beat officer and you will not be charged for a false alarm call.  Unfortunately GPSP officers can not guarantee they can respond to all alarm calls, but they always do when they are able.

Where do GPSP Officers patrol?

GPSP officers patrol the streets of the Grant Park neighborhood, and carry a list of all current GPSP members to ensure they drive by the homes of our members.  GPSP officers do not typically patrol inside the park itself, official patrolling is handled by the Atlanta Police Department and extra off-duty APD patrol hours are provided by the Grant Park Ambassadors.

When do GPSP Officers patrol?

We constantly vary the schedules of the officers to address the patterns of crime we are seeing in the neighborhood and surrounding areas.  The number of patrol hours/week vary based on membership.

Do I have to live in the neighborhood to be a member?

Yes, officers only patrol houses in the neighborhood.  If you're not sure if you're inside the boundary of the neighborhood, contact us and we will let you know.  If you live outside the neighborhood and would still like to help, please consider making a donation.  You may also buy a gift membership for someone who lives in Grant Park.

Are you affiliated with the Grant Park Neighborhood Association, Grant Park Conservancy, Grant Park Parents Network, Grant Park Ambassadors, or Friends of the Grant Park Pool?

We are informally affiliated with GPNA .  We often work closely with the other organizations on a variety of topics, but are not officially affiliated with them.

What are my payment options?

You have 4 options to pay for your membership:

1) Recurring payments by credit card - just choose quarterly or annual membership, and follow the process to enter your credit card info.  Once complete you will automatically be renewed and your credit card charged.  You can stop at any time by editing your profile and clicking "Stop recurring payments".
2) Non-recurring payments by credit card - follow the same steps above, but once complete, edit your profile and click the button that says "Stop recurring payments".  You'll only be charged one time.  You can repeat this every time as much as you like.
3) Pay by check, signing up or renewing online - choose quarterly or annual membership, and once you get to the "invoice" screen, do not pay online, just mail a check, per below.  Once we receive your check we'll change your status from pending to active.
4) Pay by check, not signing up online - just mail us a check, we'll sign you up or renew you online ourselves.

Checks should be made out to Grant Park Security Patrol and mailed to:
P. O. Box 89235
Atlanta, GA 30312

Do you offer memberships for Home Owners Associations (HOAs) or Corporate Sponsorships?

Yes!  Please contact us on our Contact page and we will work with you on the details.

Do you offer discounts to senior citizens?

Yes!  The minimum age is 65, and requires verification of your age either electronically (such as via a digital picture of your drivers license or passport) or in-person. Please contact us through our Contact page and we will work with you on the details.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you no longer wish to be a member, simply do not renew your membership.  If you have recurring payments activated, simply edit your profile and click the button for "stop recurring payments".  You will no longer be automatically charged for renewals membership, and you will no longer receive communications from GPSP. 

Please note that we budget for and schedule patrol hours on a quarterly basis using the membership fees. Hence, there are no refunds for quarterly memberships once payment has been made. For annual memberships, we can pro-rate a refund based on the "unused" quarters remaining until the renewal date.

What if I have more questions?

Just let us know via our Contact Us page.

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